weight loss

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Have you ever wondered why weight loss is so difficult? Do you diet, exercise, and lead a life full of sacrifices for months or even years, so that at the first neglect you return to your initial weight? … Clearly this is something very demotivating.

So that this does not happen to you, and you can be an eternally thin woman, today we will teach you these 3 things that you should know before starting this campaign to lose weight.


Pay close attention…

1. Diets are not the answer

There are diets that promise us great weight loss, through the prohibition of certain foods that confuse our metabolism. The problem with these diets is that when we return to our normal life, it is enough that we eat only a little of these foods to regain weight.

If you want to have a lean body all your life, it is better that you take a balanced diet always fixing the size of your portions.

weight loss


2. Counting calories is a must

To lose weight, it is necessary to do a very basic math exercise: The amount of calories we consume in a day should not exceed the number of calories our body needs daily. And while this may perish something extreme and obsessive, if we knew how many calories the ingredients have, we could control our weight more easily.



3.Walking is not enough:

weight loss

weight loss

We know that a balanced and healthy diet is key to losing weight. But if you lead a sedentary life and do not exercise all week, this regime will not be enough. With this, we are not referring to a turn to the block, if not to that you do cardio exercises at least twice a week. So you can eat without guilt !!