vintage makeup

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The perfect look may be a few years before you were born. And yes, that may sound weird, but the truth is that yesterday’s fashion is today’s fashion.

Everything from before is back in fashion at these times and with this comes the case of makeup and hairstyle.

The vintage look, the retro look of the 20’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, returns with its glamour, elegance and shows the feminine and sensual woman with a touch of naivety.

vintage look

vintage look

Find out how to get a basic vintage look that you can assemble and achieve easily and quickly with these simple tips and idea…



The hairstyles were with a natural movement, not heavy, with waves, bright and smooth. It was based on short hair, at shoulder height or above, bows and hairstyles on the side.


  1. For a hairstyle that does not fail, and without resorting to a haircut, you can use hooks or hairpins to pick your hair inwards and this will look shorter.
  2. Wash your hair well, moisturize well; then draw a line to one side and begin to form curls and hold them with the hooks, alternating one to the right and another to the left.
  3. Let it dry to the natural (your hair) , this will take at least 1 hour; so you can enjoy doing makeup.
  4. Once you dry your hair, comb your hair with your fingers and have your hair “stuck” to the head, then create the waves well.
  5. Finally, shape and move to the left side, where you left more hair on the side of the line or match, framing your face with a drop of waves.



For a vintage look makeup you should achieve a striking makeup, but at the same time natural.

What does that mean? You can draw attention on lips and / or eyes, but do not overload the whole face.


vintage look


1.Use pastel colors as for the shades for the day and for the night uses gold or silver tones.
2.The black eyeliner is essential, must always be present for this look. You should create a thick line at the top and create a small tail at the end of your eye or do not do that little “tail” and finish right on the tip and paint with the same eyeliner in the lower eye, but only the last 1/4 part, and thus you join that small line with the line above.
3.The lips should be painted in natural colors, for the day you must paint a color lighter than the natural tone of your lips and at night you can use a darker color or depending on the tone of your skin, you can use red tones.
4.Try to use very little base or if you prefer use a light compact powder that seals all the makeup or your face does not shine.
5.Mascara also should not miss, put it in your upper lashes in two layers, in black color.