black and white dress

This season of spring summer 2017 the long dresses are still part of the essential in the women’s closets. I was keeping an eye on everything that awaits us for these months and I could not resist showing you some of the dresses that I liked the most.When we talk about long dresses for all kinds of events you have to let go of that belief that such garments will serve us only for evening events . Things change, girls, and today there are some that serve us well combined even ideal pieces to go festival .




PASTEL TONES: Among the most ideal long dresses of the moment I have to highlight this one of Tommy Hilfiger. As we see, it is Gigi Hadid’s own line. It is undoubtedly one of the most authentic and ideal garments of all that we are going to see. Of course, it is quite expensive. A dress with a pleated neckline and a pastel print is perfect for any occasion. Surely the celebrities will not be able to resist and we will see it in infinity of spring party’s.long dresses


long dresses

black and white

BLACK AND WHITE:Admittedly, there is no more classic and timeless combination than black and white. Personally one of my favorites. These two colors always work very well together being a double, practically, infallible. In addition, together, they make any tale look more luxurious and elegant, and more stylish girls have discovered innumerable ways to use this flattering combination.


long dresses

floral dress

FLORAL DRESSES:This dress is wonderful. Without a doubt, it seems the perfect bet for much more relaxed and stylish looks. It is from the signature Minimum and bet by the semi raised collar and a great two-piece effect.



long dresses

tropical print

This spring the tropical print also becomes a must have . This means that even long dresses are not going to get rid of the trend. This dress by Anna Field follows the essence of the most striking green shades of the moment.