winter accessories

There are many winter accessories that can help you decorate your clothes and keep you warm from the cold. And since there is no better inspiration than that out of the same streets, we decided to look for ideas in the street style of women like us who are kept warm from the cold and at the same time still look incredible.

Keep reading and do not miss the 7 best winter accessories taken from street style!

large scarf:

There is no better winter accessories than a giant, warm scarf. It is definitely a must in winter, since it not only shelters you, but also can be the touch that gives you personality and style to your had. If you’re wearing a monochrome look for example, choose one of a solid and neutral color, and if you want to add personality, try one with prints or pictures.

winter accessories



The leggings are back. this leggings is the another winter accessories for women. Put them inside your boots to add a special touch to your hold or put them on your heels or flat shoes to add style and coat quickly and simply.

winter accessories



Gloves are an essential for the winter season. if you want some specials, option for long ones that give you an elegant and classic look.winter accessories



Earmuffs can be a nice addition to a hold if used with care. Choose some of a neutral color and skin, like these to complement your look without getting all the attention.


Sleeveless leather coats:

Sleeveless fur coats have become increasingly popular as they are a very good and simple way to add elegance to your look. Of course we recommend a faux fur, as they are not only greener but also cheap. Combine them with a shirt and leggings or dress.



Like all of the above, you can not survive this winter without a warm cap, as they are a good alternative to ear muffs that make your look look much cooler.

winter accessories


Cover / Poncho:

The layers or ponchos are very in this season. Play with complementary colors and use them as an excellent option to raise a hold. Jeans and a T-shirt? Sum up a layer and you’re ready to leave.



winter fashion

The winter fashion has already reached Latin America and it is time to restore the wardrobe. If it were up to us, we bought the whole mall! However, we must be wise and buy intelligently. To save you a few coins and not to buy clothes that you will never wear later.  this is the list in which we help you five basic winter fashion outfits that will save you in the winter.winter fashion


The basic outfit of the rockstar

This winter, the streets are dressed in leather; so if you’re about to put together a wardrobe of basic clothes for this winter fashion, you should definitely include a jacket, a pair of pants or a leather skirt. The best thing is that the leather is striking in itself; you can combine it with basic t-shirts, denim, and your favorite heels.

The outfit recommendation for Fashion Web for this trend is leather skirt, pantyhose, booties, a basic white T-shirt and your favorite sweater.

winter fashion


The basic outfit of the glamorous

This outfit is inspired by the look of the princess Kate Middleton , who never disappoints with its sophisticated style even when dressing “casual“. Sacks are the key pieces; so the basic outfit we set for this winter, more than an outfit is a garment that completes any outfit.winter fashion


The basic outfit of the urban

For you, a woman with urban style, comfort must prevail above all else. Fortunately, the trends of this winter come loaded with loose clothing and warm materials, such as the famous plaid shirts . Our basic outfit recommended for women of all ages in cold season is the following: Skinny jeans, plaid shirt and your sneakers or tennis as always

winter fashion


The sweety basic outfit

The pastel trend is another that comes very strongly this winter. Get your pants back in pastel colors and combine them with knitted sweaters in the same shades, and you already have a super trendy outfit!



winter look

winter looks

Jackets, jacket, sweater, boots these are some of the most used clothes in the winter. It’s time to get them out of the wardrobe and put on that incredible look that only winter provides.

Winter 2017 brings several new features, both in women’s fashion and men’s fashion. If you want to know the trends and still be inspired by looks to assemble your winter look, check out this article that we, from fashionsviewer have created with you in mind.

winter mens look

In this section you will check the main trends of the men’s winter fashion for 2017, in addition, we have separated several looks for you to be inspired by. Do not waste time; check out the tips right now!

Fashion colors winter male 2017

In men’s fashion let’s start by talking about colors. Gray, as always, is well ordered and many stores come offering collections with combinations with navy blue.

The novelty for 2017, when we think of colors, is the shades of brown. They are on high and the brands bet on collections with several pieces in shades of browns. The highlights are for jackets and coats.

winter looks


The most requested combinations for 2017 are overlaps. The famous combination of knit coat never escapes the winter trends! The combinations with sports pieces are also new.

You can create a more stripped-down look, totally in the sporty vibe, or just a few elements and create a more casual or chic look, fit for work, without losing elegance, its worth it!

winterr looks

Military jackets

The military is one of the top trends this year. Military jackets make the most success! Military colors and boots are also being explored. You can create very interesting visuals with these combinations. The military with chess, for example, is a worthwhile bet!

Bomber jackets

Bomber jackets are back. Jackets that have become darling in winter looks are also trends in 2017 and you can make combinations with other trends. Wearing a bomber jacket in military green can be a good thing!

Male boots

The order is for jackets, including bomber jackets.

He spoke in winter, of course, in boots. The boots are always allied in winter looks, whether it is male or female fashion. By 2017, we have some interesting trends. Desert boots, boots with military references and Logan boots are the ones ordered for the season.