When it comes to useful garments it can be said that the white shirt is one of them. The white shirt is part of what is called basic garments, that kind of clothing that sure takes you out of a hurry, regardless of the material that is made or its form there are many ways to combine it. It is necessary to highlight that it is a piece that has been reinvented during centuries and that now forms part of the essentials of the closet. In a How we explain how to combine a white shirt.white shirt


How to choose a white shirt

Before combining a white shirt. It is necessary to take into account some aspects that are very important when choosing one, so if this piece is not yet part of your wardrobe we show you how to choose a white shirt:


1.  Choose the correct size, according to your body type you should choose the white shirt that best suits your proportions.

2. Prefers those that are cotton this will ensure that it lasts longer.

3. Buy it long sleeves to make it a timeless piece and you can use it both in the cold and warm months.

4. Make the neck of the shirt contrast with the shape of your face, for example if your face is round choose a neck in V to lengthen it.

5. In case your chest is bulky avoid the central buttons, because it will make you look tight.

6. Take advantage of the sales to buy this type of clothes at a reasonable price.

7. Be careful with the length of the shirt, if you have a triangular body type avoid those that reach your hips.

8. Pay attention to the notch of the shirt if it does not make you a stylized figure do not buy it.


White shirt with jeans

This is a very classic look, and is ideal especially when you want to look semi formal. But do not limit yourself only to jeans; you can also use it with jeans skirts or even shorts. In this case the key is the contrasts that you make, since we do not want your combination to be too simple. Choose brightly colored Americana and large accessories, as long as they go with the proportion of your body. The important thing is that the white shirt is the perfect complement so that the other pieces stand out.


White shirt and shorts

Shorts, especially in times of heat are a good complement to increase the volume of your hips in case they are very narrow. Use those with striking pockets or patterns to give a twist to the white shirt combination. Do not forget the complements, but in this case they should be in neutral colors like nude. On the other hand and if you want a more romantic look we recommend pastel colored shorts.

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