velvet fashion 2018

Lovers of velvet, this article is for you! This winter the trend of velvet is taking the fashion world and we have seen it everywhere. Fashion girls are incorporating it in their looks in different ways, some more traditional like tops and blazer, and other more novelties as in shoes and pants. Here we leave you a guide with the 4 ways you can wear it and look like a fashion girl!



velvet body:

If something sexy and relaxed is what they are looking for, then they have to run through a velvet body. As you can see, he is the undisputed protagonist of the outfit. Not only does it look super good for its rocker wave, but it is very comfortable and perfect for winter. The colors they will find are dark and settling, usually.



Velvet Blazer:

And another of the clothes that is super fashionable on all runways is the blazer of this material. Tell me if it does not look overly cool? Last week I went to Zara and I found velvet blazers of bright and beautiful colors. This garment has an intellectual and bohemian wave that will always work . The full color ones are perfect to play with colors and textures.velvet


 Velvet Blazer Print

And for people who prefer something sweet, there is the alternative of velvet with print. As you can see, it gives a totally different look and we can make opposite looks to the rocker style, so if your style is crossing the line towards soft, this is an excellent alternative!


Velvet Trousers:

Enough cotton leggings, girls! This is a similar alternative, but with much more style and shine. We have to encourage ourselves to try new things in order to find our particular style. Personally, I recommend that in winter combine them with long cardigans and leather boots




Because wearing pink is not silly if you know how, because it is perfect to look tan, because it is joyful, sweet and funny, because it brings out the most feminine part of each of us, today we bring you several looks in pink!

Take note because this season returns to the stores … Treading hard! And knowing how to combine this color will be one of the keys to the success of your looks this summer. Watch out, what we start!

1. Bet on the basics. White and black are the best companions for a look in which the pink color will be the protagonist. Take off the black pencil skirt you keep in the closet and those black heeled sandals so comfortable, combine them with a blouse in pinks and will be a winning bet for a more formal look!


2.  And if your plan is a walk in the city , wear your white skinny jeans with a white t-shirt with message. Your pink quartz sports car and a matching handbag will do the rest!


3. Do you have a crazy day and need some stability? The best thing is to put together the gray and pink quartz: balance, elegance and delicacy, three in one! Wear gray fabric trousers, a pink quartz top, and a blazer in a darker gray shade than your trousers with the sleeves pulled up. And if you want to shine more than any, wear a maxi jewel earrings, in pearl gray.


4. As we said before, pink is one of the colors that season after season, he repeats. But what about the denim? And if we put the two together? Whether you match a pair of pink trousers with your denim shirt, or if you wear velvet heel sandals with your favorite cowboy monkey, your look will be as delicate as youthful and perfect for any day of the week.


5. A pink blazer will be the perfect garment to complete your most sophisticated looks. Wear it with that pleated skirt that stays like a glove and you will waste romanticism in every step you give. And if you want to bring a casual touch to those days when you bet on some kind of more comfortable clothes, do not forget to pick up the pink blazer when you wear your boyfriend jeans and those flat shoes tied with ankle straps! They just got home!


6. When you think of a look, seeking to convey: delicacy, romanticism, kindness, shyness … Our advice is that you bet on a pair of pants in pink and combines with clothes in nude, white and beige tones. For this look, choose delicate garments, provide an elegant touch and full of incredible sensibility!


7. If the brushstrokes of color you are short, and your thing is to launch you with more intense colors, dare you with a total look in fuchsia . A crop top and palazzo pants in the same tone, will be the perfect look to not go unnoticed in your events this summer!


Have you taken note of everything? Remember that although the color pink is a classic, you can incorporate in your wardrobe garments in this tone and in different textures that are trend this season: velvet sandals, sports in pink quartz or turbans with prints in this tone! Make you shine with your own light!