style tips

Today we want to explain to about style tips for young men. The image has become very important in man, we must know how to choose, combine and know the tricks to be more handsome. Forget that everything is worth, therefore, to know how to dress well becomes something primordial depending on each circumstance. We want them to be stylish men so we explain below.

We share some of the keys to success and they are simple, you just need to know how to put them on their feet. Attend because we are going to give you the keys below. In this article we will talk about;style tips


Why are few men still giving you the value you really have with your footwear? Recall the claim that we can “judge or know a man by his shoes.”

If you’ve never had very good shoes before, the time has come. It is essential that you have comfortable and sporty shoes, but the key to your suit is always a good tie to match, and of course, some good dress shoes that you can take advantage of for years.


The shirts or shirts with jeans are basic for men of all types, but as you get older it is basic to know what there are things that are best left in the closet. If you already have more than 40, leave the T-shirts aside and if you want to be able to say that you dress well, start wearing shirts (some basic like white or navy blue), and other types of pants, whether Chinese, or Even dress pants, and it will not hurt to wear shoes more often.


Be careful that I do not want you to misunderstand this point. It is not that you do not have to be attentive to things like for example that tones are taken every season or if it is better to wear a “look” more or less notched, but do not insist on carrying always the last thinking that this way you look better and more if you are young. We can not always spend all the money we want on clothes, so it’s better to bet on insurance than end up buying for example, jeans with broken all over, when we know that next year maybe not be taken.


This is basic to know how to dress well. You should not wear clothes that look very worn, but that does not mean that you should pull it from season to season. If you take good care of your clothes, if you wash clothes, irons and guards properly, it will last you years and you can boast of always impeccable.



And one that is of a basic color, whether gray, black or navy blue (or all three). A tailored suit that you can take advantage of for great occasions. I’m not referring to any costume. You should invest your money as if you were going to buy any other “investment” in the future. You may be going to put it on a few occasions, but if you take care of it and you maintain it regularly in your weight, you can always say that you hit when the occasion requires it.


tips#6-JEANS. They are basic
Whenever you have a good pair of jeans, it will pass you like the suit; That you will be right. Try to have some blues and other blacks, that fit well and that you usually wear, either with a shirt, or sweater or a blazer.


Denim-type cotton pants or more are basic to those occasions when you want to look better than jeans. It is best to buy a pair of shades such as navy blue or cream color, and you will see how the possibilities with them are endless.