how to get the best picture

Learn how to make the most of your photos!

If you’re a fashion blogger or you love sharing your incredible style with your Instagram followers then this article is for you. Here are 5 simple tips that will help you get the best picture of your outfits!



1. Natural light

This is ALL in one photo. Be sure to take the photo outdoors or use natural light whenever possible.

2. Simple background

In order to make your outfit stand out and take center stage, choose a simple background like a white wall or a blurred (out of picture) background that makes the least noise possible.

best picture

3. The photographer has to be at the same height

Make sure that the person who is taking the picture from your height – ideally from the center of your body – to achieve a favorable perspective. Perspective plays a fundamental role in a photo, and can contribute or play very against your silhouette if you do not use it the right way.

A quick tip of perspective: Taking a photo from below will make you look taller, and with the right lens, will make your body look longer. And contrary to this, taking a photo from above will make you look lower.

best picture


4. Show yourself natural

Try not to look much at the camera and act in a natural way. Walking photos are always a good choice and add movement to the image.


5. Take many photos

Last but not least, he takes many picture. So you have several alternatives among which to choose the one you like (you have to take advantage of the digital age