self confident for women

self-confidence for women

self-confidence is the best power of women. We all know this woman; the one who enters the room with a grace of such magnitude that it shines with its own light. She is not arrogant, nor self-centered, much less undisciplined. She has such a high level of trust that everyone wants to pay attention and be around her.

We live in a competitive world in which we all try to excel with our qualities, and we are constantly exposed to people who may reflect things that we long to be: high, low, thin, successful, sophisticated, with the car we love, with employment of our dreams, etc. But the reality is that these people are neither more nor less than you and the only thing that is separating you from what you want is yourself. What would you think if I told you that you can become who you want?

We have always been sold the idea that self-confidence is something that is first obtained and then internalized, but the truth is that it is the opposite. Trust comes from a mental, emotional and spiritual state, in which you are connected to yourself, is a process that develops internally and then is externally reflected.


Here are 5 tips to put into practice to increase your self-confidence level:

1.know yourself: it is not that you desperately try to define your personality or that you insist on doing tests of self-knowledge. This is important, but it can be overwhelming if you do not have someone qualified to help you interpret them. Self-knowledge goes beyond identifying patterns of behavior in your personality, rather it is about connecting with your inner being and being honest with yourself about what you like and dislike, what your strengths and weaknesses are, how you would like your life outside, what are your dreams, what do you want to achieve, where do you want to go, what are your priorities, what fills your soul, what are those areas of improvement in which you must work … in the process of answering these questions trying to connect with your heart and the feelings that you want to experience,

2.Be assertive when communicating: communication is the basis of any relationship, whether personal or work. Learning how to master communication techniques – how to support your point of view, improve the vocabulary used, the tone of voice to use and with whom – is a skill that will be very useful when connecting with other people, negotiate and inspire. By expressing yourself with confidence, property and trust you will generate a mirror effect with your audience, regardless of whether you are communicating orally or in writing, they will trust you and the information you convey to them.

3.Have vision: a woman with confidence needs to dream up . Knowing what you do, where you’re going, what you want to achieve and how you see your future, is all the universe needs to conspire in your favor. Remember that thoughts with intentions united with feelings, become facts, so have conviction and walk steadily towards your dreams.

4.Let your curiosity flow: a woman with high self-confidence is not afraid to explore and get out of her comfort zone, to ask how something works or why. Asking and exploring will leave you with the wonderful reward of knowledge, understanding and many new ideas to create and innovate.

5.Ask for help: although when you feel confident about yourself, you trust your qualities and abilities, you also have to know how far they arrive. Do not be afraid to ask for help or advice if you need it, remember that we all have stronger areas than others and this does not make you inferior or less competent.

Remember that trusting who you are will greatly improve your personal life, work and above all the relationship with yourself and other people.

Tell me, do you believe in yourself?