before after hair cut

A look can mark and even define changes in our lives. Blue and short hair in adolescence, red lipstick entering at twenty, what things have not we done and will we still do? In order to change we can also make mistakes and, although there are no restrictions for you to decide what to do with your appearance, here we will show you 5 tips for you to try and see the best.


If you are tired of the same style in your hair, it is preferable that you go to a good stylist. Many women go to the hair salon with a reference picture, but they do not take into account that the hair of the model is different from them in shape, length and even texture. Let yourself be advised, it is a good investment: look for colors that highlight your features, cuts easy to maintain and that go according to the shape of your face.



before after hair cut



New fashion?, brand new? Take out accounts and set a budget. The beauty products that our styles require can be very expensive and this could cause an imbalance in our pockets if, for example, you have to tweak the roots of your hair every three weeks.


3.Attentive to the eternal styles

There are fashions and fashions, and like the term, these have a period of duration, however there are styles that never go out of style: a bob cut, a long and well manicured mane, rocker style when dressing, minimalism or black and white, nude makeup , black boots and denim , among others.


4.Accept yourself

The distance between what you like and what suits your body is variable, but it is best to buy clothes that make you look comfortable: no one wants to look disguised, so consider two aspects before going out to buy clothes, shoes or makeup. First: they have to be items that you love (so that they do not stay confused in your closet). Second, do they look really good on you? Go shopping with your best friend, you will have fun and have a second opinion.


 5.Think hard

That your eagerness to risk is not your regret for tomorrow: hair takes to grow, clothes cost and many ‘revolutionary’ changes in our appearance take time to be compensated.