mens summer fashion

A complete  guide to mens summer fashion and style, featuring 10 Must-have, affordable options to include in your summer wardrobe. mens summer fashion


White sneakers

The famous “White Tennis “is trend in summer 2016. Nothing more fair than it be one of the essential items for the season. The white sneakers are very easy to match, especially with jeans and printed parts.



Sunglasses are great for also giving that touch of style in the look, as well as protecting the eyes from the sun. Have several and use all during the summer


Printed Short Sleeve Shirt

The short sleeve printed shirt is one of the trends for summer 2016. With it you can have a more neat look, but without the heat and without losing the style.



Tank tops are ideas for summer, as well as stylish give the comfort and lightness needed for this hottest season of the year.


Printed Shorts

The printed shorts came out from the beaches / pools and took place on the streets. Currently it is possible to assemble amazing looks using printed shorts, mainly combined with basic pieces at the top.


Scrub Jogger Pants

The Jogger model was very popular with the male audience, so many brands bet on the twill model, which is a lighter fabric and ideal for summer in our country.


Leather sandals

The sandals leather are great choices to keep feet fresh and comfortable, and compose looks from simple to sophisticated.



Since in summer the looks tend to be more basic, nothing better than to give a touch, using the so famous brace.


mens shoe

mens shoe are excellent for composing a light look, in addition to being a comfortable mega footwear.