makeup in perfect summer

Today I am inspired by my “friend” (Kim Kardashian) and I bring you a makeup routine in 5 minutes, which I love for the summer. The key is to use few products and not overload the skin. We will not use makeup foundation, so it will be all very light, but we will get to unify the face perfectly.

In summer I do not like to do make-up routines too complete. First, because I can not stand to notice the very heavy skin when it is hot and second, because I do not have too much time to lose in the morning beauty session .

In spite of all this, I am unable to leave the house without wearing dark circles and mascara. So I’m going to tell you my beauty secrets to get a make-up in 5 minutes, which will leave us a very natural tanning effect.



Preparation: as always, before starting with the makeup (much or little) you have to prepare the skin. If I’m in a hurry, as in this case, I simply put on my usual moisturizer and let it blend well with the face while I go combing. You have to optimize the time!


makeup tips


Incredible Benefits Of Coconut Oil

coconut oil  has become quite popular During the last few years , either as a replacement for other oils for cooking, and also as a use for skin care and hair.this Coconut Oil have a many benefits so it is very useful to have a jar at home. coconut oil can be used daily for different things, and here we leave 10 uses that you can give!

coconut oil

1) Teeth Whitening

One of its great benefits is that it works as a teeth whitener. To do this take a spoonful of coconut oil, place it in your mouth and keep the oil in your teeth for 10 to 20 minutes. After this, pick it up and brush your teeth. Do this daily and you will see results soon! (more…)