Thinking of a radical change? Whether for a reason, a boy or just feeling better about yourself, having a sexy look is not an easy task, since we do not want to cross the border to the vulgar. That’s why in this post you will find the best tips to find the desired balance.

How to look sexy without dying in the attempt

We do not have to buy the latest Prada dress model that Anne Hathaway wore at the Oscars, or mortgage our house for a Louis Vuitton purse, to sexy look and attract the eyes of everyone. Simple tricks are enough and know how to choose what we have in the wardrobe to give us that feminine touch that we look for so much and that makes them crazy. Difficult task? Not at all. The instinct to know how to choose is innate, we just have to let it emerge, and for that, I bring you these three basic rules that you should never forget when opening your closet . Three simple rules that will mark a before and after in your style of dressing and wearing. I guarantee you.


Rule number: Neckline versus short skirt


Many have a misconception of what it means to be sexy and think that the more you show is better and that is not appropriate. The first rule that I present, is the neckline rule, if you decide to wear a neckline that fits you, it is best to use a long skirt or pants and believe me you will look beautiful.

sexy look


Skirts, skirts and more skirts

One must be very careful when choosing an outfit and not to be an exhibitionist. Many times when we reach our ideal weight and we get excited and we want to show the world how regal we are but we have to be careful not to be foolish. A pronounced neckline and a small skirt may be too much.

If you want to dress with a cut skirt, I recommend a long polo or a tight top but no neckline. To be sexy, attitude is important, rather than showing skin, you can be covered, have a nice silhouette and be very sexy look.

sexy look

Can you perceive the difference between the first outfit and the second one? A bare shoulder can be very sexy and you can even combine it with a short skirt or a maxi skirt, it depends on your body type. In addition the accessories and the details that you take into account can help you to see you much more sexy like for example, take the painted nails or a nice color of lips.

Rule number two: Heeled shoes

I’m not a lover of taco shoes because I’ve never learned to use them well, I think that wearing tacos is an art that not everyone does well. I must not deny that a pair of shoes, completely change in an outfit and no doubt, that you will see much more presence, with a more stylized and very sexy figure.

sexy look

The combination between skinny jeans and high heels seems to give a plus to your outfit , since it models your silhouette in a very provocative way, what you use in the upper part of your body, it depends on you, I recommend a loose top or a blouse a You’ll look amazing!

Now, you have a wide range of heels to choose from: those that have a platform in the front (which will make you better resist the high measures of the heel), fine or classic tacos, sandals, tip toes or closed shoes. For those of us who are in summer, the choice will be sandals. You can choose them with instep or simple ornaments. Check that the color matches your outfit.

In the photo above you can see how a pair of heels change everything . If the model had sneakers, her outfit would be total casual, but with her taco sandals, she may well gain elegance and more presence for more sober meetings. The portfolio and jewelry do the rest.

If you do not have the habit of using tacos and shying away from them, it’s time for you to go practicing. You’re missing out on a must-have accessory in your sexy woman’s wardrobe! In fact, I’m already practicing with mine.

Rule number three: Female dresses with sexy look

Many women do not dare to wear dresses on a day-to-day basis, they only resort to this garment on weekends to go to a disco, for example, but there are so many types of dress that you can use for every occasion, that you should be encouraged to buy even if a couple.

sexy look

Look at the models in the photo above. They are dresses that you can use for a formal dinner or for a meeting with friends in a cafe. In no case will you look bad! These models highlight your feminine and flirty side, and if you combine them with a pair of heels, even better, although the look of the boots of the girl on the left is not bad. It gives a touch naughty and charming at the same time. One recommendation I give you is either you combine your dress with feminine accessories such as clutch, wallets and jewelry and hats, or you apply the contrast, like the girl in the dress and boots plus the jacket. In both cases you will  sexy look and charming.