It’s official, summer is the time of year we like most women! When the heat begins our closet is renewed and we start to dress with more fun and light clothes, which we feel much better when we are a little burned. But achieving that dark complexion that we like so much means spending long hours in the sun in a bathing suit.

And you, are not you ready to use it this summer yet?

If so, do not worry any more, since here we leave you some tips that will help you to detox the cold winter feeling much lighter and healthier, without any problem to look feared bathing suit.

Keep going!




Take vitamin C:The best way to cleanse our body is by taking Vitamin C as it has the power to remove accumulated toxins. The natural orange juice in the morning is a very good way to start with the task of detoxifying our body.

Drink plenty of water:Water is the best scrubber there is. Get a good bottle and take it with you everywhere, you will see how your digestion improves by 100%. You can also add mint or cucumber leaves, which will speed up the detoxification process.

Do sport:Take advantage of the pleasant temperatures of the mornings to do some sport. Remember that early exercise fills you with energy.

Eat fruits:Replace desserts made with seasonal fruits, such as melon or watermelon, that will speed up your intestinal transit, helping you eliminate more toxins.

Drink iced green tea:Green tea is one of the best detox that exists. A very good idea to consume it in the summer is to fill a few buckets for ice cream with this infusion, so you can consume something fresh and extremely healthy at all times.

Exfoliate your skin:This eliminates all the toxins that retain your skin, leaving it clean and soft, ready to show off in the summer.

Renew your closet:Keeping things winter and taking out the summer, is one of the biggest motivations we have women to start with the “summer plan”.