halloween bottle

With the passage of time, Halloween is becoming an important date to have fun. It is one of the non-office dates that young people love to celebrate. This causes that the diversity of plans for this day, does not stop increasing. For this occasion, we have prepared a list of 7 plans that you can choose to celebrate this Halloween 2017.


1. Marathon of horror movies at home

Maybe your plans for this day are always to go out in disguise or party. However, there are times when we want to be calmer. If this is your case, a marathon of horror movies at home with your boyfriend or friends is a plan that will not fail.halloween


2. Theme party

Without a doubt, this is the most classic plan, but it will never stop being fun. You can organize a themed party in your home or attend one. It is a plan that has not lost!halloween


3. Zombie apocalypse

For some years and following the wake of the popular series The Walking Dead, many companies organize events in which a horde of zombies takes part of a city or a rural area. It takes some infrastructure and of course hundreds of participants, so it is advisable to take the opportunity to participate when it is presented. If you have ever been in one of these zombie events you will know that well organized can be very fun.hallooween



4. A getaway for Halloween

This year, October 31 falls on Tuesday, which means that the official holiday will be Wednesday, November 1, the day of all the saints. The dates make it difficult to make a bridge, although if you have enough holidays you can organize a mini-holiday for Halloween. If you organize everything as a   surprise plan for Halloween 2017, maybe your partner – if you have it – will get a good impression.


5. Go to the theater

Going to the theater is an enriching experience at any time of year, although if you are a lover of musicals it is even more so for Halloween. There are several shows of this type that premiere in major cities as October 31 approaches, some of them of a high level.


6. Horror movies in the movies

There is no year in which the main film producers do not take advantage of Halloween to release some horror films. They do not do badly, because there is always demand for them the week before this holiday or even the same day, both during the afternoon and at night. If you still do not know what to do in Halloween 2017, going to the movies to watch a scary movie can be a good plan.


7. Nighttime tourist routes

On the occasion of Halloween, many companies specializing in these tours offer the same guided tours. but at night in some cases even special emphasis is placed on places linked to the sinister history of each city, such as catacombs, museums, cemeteries, etc.