hair care in summer

hair care

hair care in summer

In the middle of summer it is important that we pay extreme attention to hair care. At this time of year, dehydration, sun, salt and chlorine in swimming pools are elements that can damage our hair extensively. That’s why today I bring some super simple tips to have a healthy hair at all times.






The most important thing in the summer months is to guarantee the capillary hydration. The sun spoils the hair very much, if it is not well hydrated. The same happens with the summer baths on the beach or the pool. Keep in mind that hair is porous, so it tends to absorb everything that we throw. This includes chlorine and salt. The first advice of hair care, obviously, is to keep the mane hydrated at all times

The hair masks, which provide hydration, are perfect for summer. I usually use natural oils. I already told you about my favorite homemade face mask, coconut oil and honey. Here you can see how I do it and how to apply it. Hair care tips in summerhair care (more…)