kylie jenner makeup

kylie jenner makeup

I am very fan of the kylie jenner makeup  , I must confess. So when I accidentally found Kylie Jenner makeup routine , published by herself, I had no choice but to gossip a little how she does it. If you are like me, you have very little time in the morning to devote to daily painting and painting, this routine does not serve you at all.
Kylie Jenner published the entire makeup routine through her Snapchat , about a year ago. Also, for the curious, you can see a video on YouTube, which are all the images that the celeb uploaded at the time. In total, she updated her Snapchat profile more than 40 times to show her makeup step by step . The amount of makeup products and techniques you use is nonsense, but I’ll tell you in case anyone wants to follow this strange routine.



In a dark bathroom, with lots of rolls of toilet paper in the background, the smallest routine of the famous clan begins . I suppose your creams and things have already been applied. To tone and unify the tone of her face, Kylie uses a mix of two make-up bases , one from Urban Decay and one from Make Up Forever. He applies it with a sponge of makeup , to the touch all over the face.


With the applied makeup he starts to shape his eyebrows, with a routine of the most outlandish. He draws them with makeup and fixes them with cream. The result is perfect eyebrows , which for my taste are not very natural.

Behind the eyebrows comes the eye makeup . Uses neutral colors, in a range of matte browns. That if the external uve, that if the basin, the lacrimal, the upper area of ​​the eyelid, the arch of the eyebrow, … You can imagine what should last his makeup. The shadows take them out, but do not worry because there is nothing that 2 kilos of corrector can not solve.


It is time to use the concealer . Kylie Jenner uses it now because she can correct mistakes with the shadows. The celeb is applied a good amount under the eye, drawing a huge “V”, that goes from the lacrimal towards the external zone of the eyes and low towards the fins of the nose. And ale, to blur that. I feel like crying just thinking.kylie jenner makeup
To perfectly mark the makeup of eyes, the young woman uses a fine brush and extends the corrector perfectly so that the shades are perfect, like cat eyes . Raise eyebrows and list.

Ah! Now also apply a gel on the eyelashes so they do not move from your site.


Kylie Jenner fixes at the moment all the makeup and products in cream with several types of compact or loose powders . First use some colorless ones where you have used the concealer, then a powder makeup of your skin tone for the rest of the face. And, finally, Benefit tanning powders to create shadows in the contour.

After all this, he puts a little bit of rouge on his cheeks. Then the mascara and eyelashes outlines the eyes.


The endless routine of makeup is now coming to an end. When he has already used a million and a half of products, he does an infinite number of touch-ups with his concealer. And it is time to make up the lips . Kylie Jenner devotes a whole routine to it. It uses several different products and lipsticks, to achieve that effect that so many people like.

What?! Do you join Kylie Jenner’s makeup routine? I do not think so, because I’m already desperate just thinking about the time that has to devote to these tasks. I would have to wake up at 5 in the morning to enjoy the day.


By nature, women have more arched and thinner eyebrows than men, yet we must learn to delineate eyebrows to give the perfect symmetry to your face. Perfect eyebrows are a guarantee of an overwhelming, radiant and splendid look .

Here are 8 tips for perfect eyebrows.

perfect eyebrows




1.- Let’s start with the basics: look at your features. Remember that the design of your eyebrows has to conform to the shape of your face and your eyes. The very shape of the eyebrows will be the one that marks your possibilities when giving them that special touch you are looking for. It is important that the eyebrow covers the entire eyelid.


2.- How to know how far to shave? There are a few tricks to having perfect eyebrows and not going over or staying halfway. Take a pencil or brush and put it next to your nose flap, upright. There will be the inner end mark; the pelitos that remain towards the eyebrow are the ones that must eliminate. To know the length of your eyebrow, the mark of the outer end, use the same object and make it go from the fin of the nose to the end of your eye; there the end of the eyebrow should be marked.


Perfect eyebrow tips


3.- Take care of the design of your eyebrows, since the shape and abundance of hair go hand in hand with fashion trends, but do not let yourself be draw by what everyone else does . It is a great idea to catch up on what you wear, but always keeping in mind that there are no definite fashions to follow and the most important thing is that you feel good with your own style.


4.- Is this the first time you have your eyebrows? Do not worry about the pain; apply a little cream in the area before you begin to remove the hair to reduce it. Remember that it is important that they are hydrated, so a very good time to put it on is just after the shower, when the pores of the skin are dilated.


5.- Take care of your utensils, they will be key in the success of your hair removal. To obtain perfect eyebrows it is necessary that you have suitable tweezers and that you use a magnifying mirror to facilitate the task of removing each of the hair.


6.-Do not pass! Do not take more hair than necessary. On certain occasions, or if you do not have total security of what you are going to do, it is best that you rely on skilled hands to get the perfect eyebrows you are looking for without risking an atrocity. Yes, at the beginning of the post we said that you would not need to leave home, but sometimes prevention is better than cure.


7.- Do you have gray hairs? A good idea for gray hair is to trim it very little and then use make-up to hide it. If you have dyed hair, remember that you do not have to color your eyebrows the same color, but you should pay attention so that they do not detonate.


8.- Use an eyeliner pencil to fill the poorest areas and thus better define the eyebrows can be of great help . It should be the same color as your hair so that the feeling of uniformity when covering the holes is perfect.


9.- If you define them with makeup or cover a hollow without hair, use a tone similar to your natural color . If you wear eyebrow powder, start at the inner edge of the eyebrow and work out.


10 .- Many times we find that our eyebrows are rebellious; Sometimes it is enough to brush them to get some shape, but if you resist, try to spray a little lacquer on the eyebrow brush . It should be enough with that and comb them up to start seeing different results.


By following these 10 steps, you will get a look like there is no other. We hope you are served our tricks!