Dark circles can be and may look unpleasant to the eye, whether caused by fatigue or are genetic. The truth is that we always want to remove them from our eyes.

We want to look nice all day long and many times we believe that if it were not for those dark circles that look at miles, we would be perfect.

The safest thing is that you have tried everything and many times you do not have much money to invest in a thousand products or enough time to be applying a thousand layers of concealed.

Well, the truth is that the proofreader , if you get a good one, like the brand Bobbi Brown, Mac or another of your preference may help you cover those dark circles, but if you want the attention to go the other way, take note and point these 3 tips:

dark circles

1.Curled lashes

Curl your lashes with a curling iron and apply mascara, this will make your eyes look bigger and open, making the attention go to the eyelashes and part of your eyes.


2.Color in the line of the eyelids

Put some light shade or cream shadow on the line of the upper eyelid, just where the eyelashes begin, to give luminosity. The excess you can throw it with your fingertips on the lower part of the eyelids (also in the line of the eyelashes), that will make it light up and see your eyes and skin clearer; In addition, to be without shadows.


3.Play with your lips

Always wear a matte lipstick in your purse, which will distract and bring your eyes to your lips. What you really have to do is give life to your mouth; With only mascara on the eyelashes and clear shade you can play with the lipstick tones and create attention in that area.