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Girls health fears are a little bit different out of those with men. In case you are a girl, these suggestions will soon maybe you have feeling suit and energetic. We all try to lead a life as healthy as possible, doing things that help us feel good. Like this, there are many other everyday cases that make a healthy lifestyle a very difficult and often impossible to achieve.Today we want to help you, teaching you the top 10 healthy lifestyle Tips for Women it things you must do every day to lead a balanced, healthy and very happy life.


Do sport

Exercise is very important for a healthy life. It is best to practice it in the mornings, as it is precisely at this moment of the day when your body has more energy. If you do not have much time and encouragement to do cardio or resistance, try yoga, pilates, or just walk.


Drink warm water with lemon

he lukewarm water with lemon hydrates your body and improves the functioning of the digestive system. In addition, lemon vitamin C increases your energy and improves your immune system. Take this infusion every morning to have a better day.


Care your skin

A healthy woman never forgets her beauty routine, which consists of washing her face twice a day with a cleansing gel, and then moisturizing it with a cream or oil that suits her skin type.


Forget that extra cup of coffee

We understand how important coffee is to you in the mornings, but instead of taking 5 cups a day, take two, replacing the others with a green tea or any antioxidant drink.


Eat salmon

Salmon is a super food loaded with protein, healthy fats and omega-3. Elements that can have super positive effects on your health.


Eat slowly

Your stomach takes 20 minutes to tell your brain that it is full. Eat slowly, enjoying the taste of every mouthful you make to your mouth, this way, you will be avoiding excess food, maintaining a beautiful figure.


Hurry before bed

With this we basically mean not eating right before bed. Your body does not burn many calories while sleeping, so any evening meal becomes accumulated fat.


Be grateful

Before going to bed, make a list of all the positive things that happened to you during the day, in this way, you can enjoy and value things avoiding falling into grief and stress.



He sleeps

Turn off your computer, put your cell phone in silence and do everything possible to have an uninterrupted and quality sleep. This will improve your health and help you wake up every day full of positive energy.



Start all your days with a little meditation that will help you control your emotions, improving and strengthening your immune system.