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6 Tips To Achieve More Natural Makeup


natural beauty

A natural face may sound like very simple,  If it is not so, let me ask you how many times you had to take out your makeup for the day because you felt very groomed? … If your goal is to always look fresh and natural, today we will teach you these 7 tips that will help you shine your skin, And imperfections in a very subtle way!

Do you want to do the test?
1. Clean your skin thoroughly:

Before applying the makeup, it is very important to remove any type of product or dirt that can interfere with the natural look. A good exfoliant will leave your skin completely clean and smooth, perfect for makeup.

2. Use a lightweight base:

Many times, the base layer makes us look very groomed. If you really need to cover some imperfections with it, try mixing it with a little moisturizer, this will make it look very lighter and subtle.
3. Test with some waves:

Forget about curling machine or dryer! Apply salt spray water after the shower to achieve a nice and super stylish beach waves.

4. Blush the eyeliner:

Believe it or not, you can highlight your eyes naturally, blurring with a brush the outline done with a brown eyeliner.
5. Use a brown tone mascara:

A brown eye mask will enhance your eyes as well as black mascara, with the difference that it will look much more natural.

6. Do not forget the blush:

Blush is the perfect product to makes your face look fresher and fuller light. Always apply it on your cheeks and lightly diffuse it with a brush.


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