The daily routine and the lack of time for the care of the nails can trigger drastic consequences such as breaking or peeling them.

If you are a person who does not have a lot of time to care for your nails but wants to strengthen them, take pencil and paper and sign up for these 8 Tips to have long and beautiful nails.



1.-Eat gelatin

Gelatin has a lot of collagen, essential ingredient to promote the hardening of the nails. It establishes as a routine to eat gelatin (of any brand and taste) at least 4 times a week.


2.-Eat calcium-rich foods

Like dairy or broccoli. This also helps to harden the nail and avoid their peeling or breaking easily.


3.-Avoid nail clippers or scissors

To prevent them from breaking, file your nail in one direction only.


4.-Strike your nails on a hard and flat surface .

You can hit your nails for 5 minutes a day on an allowance. Avoid that these blows are neither too sharp nor too light.


5.- Remove the enamel with nail polish remover.

Use a piece of cotton and remove as many times as necessary to remove the enamel completely.


6.- Use nail strengthener

There are many brands that are marketed in the market. This will help your nails become harder. On the other hand it prevents you from biting or eating your nails.


7 -Use moisturizer

Avoid very thick creams. Rather choose light creams. This will help it penetrate under the nails, hydrate your skin and cuticle.


8.-Avoid biting or eating your nail

This is often a habit that several women have and it is difficult to eradicate our habits. However it will be necessary to progressively strengthen our nails.