street fashion

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The street fashion bet on comfortable clothes that combine easily to them that you can add different accessories to change the look. One of the characteristics of street fashion is that it is versatile, among other things because many times you do not have time to go changing model. A casual look of tomorrow can transform into a look of evening or night with a few changes. 

street fashion

street fashion

The street fashion is increasingly imposed to meet two great needs of the daily routine: comfort and good appearance.


Comfortable and feminine:

The skirts are an indispensable garment in street fashion, competing at the same time with the versatile jean. Predominate the skirts to the knee, either in type A cut or in tube, and the Hindu skirts until the ankles.

For jeans and trousers of other materials, the extra long blouses are the perfect companion. They favor any type of body and “dress” even on the most informal occasions.


Eye-catching accessories:

The maxi accessories fashion was inspired precisely on the street. Today’s woman demands big bags where she can carry everything she needs, and flashy garments that allow her to give a unique touch to informal and simple dressing rooms. this accessories is change womens look.

Trousers and a blouse of any size will take their own style with a large bracelet, strong earrings, big handbag and good size sunglasses, which protect the delicate skin of the eye from aggressive sun rays.


The flat sandals are the ideal footwear if you want to walk all day and feel comfortable with each step. If you are a little small and do not want to go unnoticed, you can opt for the docile platforms.

Remember that street fashion is imposed by the street. The only standards are comfort and good taste. The rest you put.