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The shorts is a very universal garment that you can use in both summer and winter. In this post, we will talk about shorts at the waist. Is it really made for all bodies? If you want to clarify your doubts, do not hesitate to read this post.shorts

For formal occasions

We all think of shorts, as an informal garment, such as going to the beach or to be at home and going out to the park, however the trends tell us, that shorts have become as one or more versatile as the skirt itself, now we can wear shorts to go to the disco or even to go to the office. Whether winter or summer, the shorts will help you wear a risky, sexy and daring outfit.


To go to the office or some formal meeting, you can take into account the shorts to the waist, earthy colors, for example, brown or black. White is an excellent option, but it is not for everyone, consider the shape of your body and if you feel comfortable Go ahead!

If you want to wear short at the waist, you must take into account that your legs will look in all their splendor, that’s why I recommend you, not only see you in the mirror in front of you but not behind, because you can never be 100% if is that the imperfections are going to be noticed and if like all.¬† you have something to hide, that does not mean that you can not wear a shorts to the waist , you can use panties so that it disguises.


Nice outfit for the office

For a sunny day

Summer and spring are the perfect seasons to show off your anatomy and for those days of peace and warmth with your friends, shorts can be the most reachable garment. The model at the waist is sexy and also offers many more opportunities than conventional shorts. We no longer have single shorts jean and single color, if we also have shorts with prints, neon color, many accessories, etc.

What polo to wear with shorts to the waist? It’s simple, you can wear a long sleeve polo zero, or a blouse with bare shoulders. Usually a shorts at the waist is used with a pole in, if you choose this alternative, do not forget to use the appropriate accessories, for example a nice belt.shorts