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Woman sleeping

In today’s fast-paced world, it is extremely common to have an altered sleep cycle. However, solutions in the form of drugs are not the most healthy or sustainable in the long term… Meet our perfect natural 7 tricks for a quality night’s sleep, and try to incorporate them into your routine…….. 1.A special place: Make […]

winter accessories

There are many winter accessories that can help you decorate your clothes and keep you warm from the cold. And since there is no better inspiration than that out of the same streets, we decided to look for ideas in the street style of women like us who are kept warm from the cold and at […]

velvet fashion 2018

Lovers of velvet, this article is for you! This winter the trend of velvet is taking the fashion world and we have seen it everywhere. Fashion girls are incorporating it in their looks in different ways, some more traditional like tops and blazer, and other more novelties as in shoes and pants. Here we leave […]

winter fashion

The winter fashion has already reached Latin America and it is time to restore the wardrobe. If it were up to us, we bought the whole mall! However, we must be wise and buy intelligently. To save you a few coins and not to buy clothes that you will never wear later.  this is the list […]

healthy women

Girls health fears are a little bit different out of those with men. In case you are a girl, these suggestions will soon maybe you have feeling suit and energetic. We all try to lead a life as healthy as possible, doing things that help us feel good. Like this, there are many other everyday […]

winter look

Jackets, jacket, sweater, boots these are some of the most used clothes in the winter. It’s time to get them out of the wardrobe and put on that incredible look that only winter provides. Winter 2017 brings several new features, both in women’s fashion and men’s fashion. If you want to know the trends and still be […]

the casual style

The woman who sticks to the casual female style is young and free. We are not talking about cheerfulness in the age, but in the way of being, in the soul. If you like to pass a lighter image without losing elegance, comfort, casual style is surely for you. casual style that fits for many […]

kylie jenner makeup

I am very fan of the kylie jenner makeup  , I must confess. So when I accidentally found Kylie Jenner makeup routine , published by herself, I had no choice but to gossip a little how she does it. If you are like me, you have very little time in the morning to devote to […]

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