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It is a reality that everyday office look are increasingly casual and accessible, people with more experience argues that dressing professionally is really worth it. Your bosses take you more seriously; you look better and even say that you could get to do a better job. However, it is not about having to waste money on expensive clothes, having an endless closet or having to let go of your style; it’s just about following some simple style habits that will make you look more professional!

1. Invest in a classic suit.

office look

classic suit

Invest in a classic matching suit that you can use through all seasons or any job. Add a bit of feminine style and charm with a silk blouse. this classic suit is very attractive for office look.


2. Have a couple of tacos that you love.

office look

Each woman needs a couple of simple tacos for work. Get rid of your party shoes and choose something simple, comfortable and elegant.


3. Have at least one good, simple dress that you can use for both day and night.

office look

You must first identify what garments are good for you and which ones do not, and second, always wear the clothes with good taste. Dressing for day and night becomes much easier with a simple dress. Add a blazer in the office; then take it out and put on accessories for an event or cocktail after work.


4. Discreet accessories are better for the office look

Discreet and minimalist is the best way to go when it comes to accessories during work hours. If you love bold and striking jewelry, combine it with a simple and clean look to create contrast.


5. Leave the smoky eye for after work.

office look

Have you been perfecting smoky eye makeup? Leave it for after the office! For your work hours you prefer a subtle and neutral makeup.