makeup in perfect summer

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Today I am inspired by my “friend” (Kim Kardashian) and I bring you a makeup routine in 5 minutes, which I love for the summer. The key is to use few products and not overload the skin. We will not use makeup foundation, so it will be all very light, but we will get to unify the face perfectly.

In summer I do not like to do make-up routines too complete. First, because I can not stand to notice the very heavy skin when it is hot and second, because I do not have too much time to lose in the morning beauty session .

In spite of all this, I am unable to leave the house without wearing dark circles and mascara. So I’m going to tell you my beauty secrets to get a make-up in 5 minutes, which will leave us a very natural tanning effect.



Preparation: as always, before starting with the makeup (much or little) you have to prepare the skin. If I’m in a hurry, as in this case, I simply put on my usual moisturizer and let it blend well with the face while I go combing. You have to optimize the time!


makeup tips

BB Cream: to protect the skin from the inclement weather (sun and heat) I use a very light BB Cream, which only unifies a little the tone of my skin. At the moment I am testing one of Clarins, who I do not know very well if it finishes liking me (I will tell you). I apply it with my hands, as if it were a normal cream, to go faster.


Concealer: The makeup key in 5 minutes is here, in the use of the concealer ¬†and the Illuminati . When I’m in a hurry, I use a slightly clearer correction of my tone to create points of light. I apply it on the eyelids, a little on the eyelids , the center of the forehead and the bridge of the nose.


Bronze : now the turn of the sun powder. It is best to use some that are matte, so that the washed and natural face effect is extreme. In the market there are many options. In my case, I apply them with a broad brush and soft in strategic areas: under the cheek bone, lower face and forehead. To give a touch of tan more powerful, without taking back product fuzzy towards the cheeks and in the bridge of the nose.

Eyes: Since we are doing a make-up in five minutes, we have to choose to give some color to the eyelids, without excesses. With the powder of sun that I used I give a little touch in the mobile eyelid with the finger and is already. Under the eyebrow I put a bit of Illuminati. Mascara and lashes.

Blush: if you want to get a little more rosy cheeks you can put a little bit of blush on the monazites (something discreet). Resorting to the lipstick is also a good idea to give color to the area.


Lipstick: now we just have to paint our lips with our favorite color and we will be perfect.


Final Touch: My final touch for makeup in 5 minutes is the application of the powder illuminator. I usually put it in the upper part of the cheekbone to give that touch of light that both takes in summer.