hair care in summer

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hair care

hair care in summer

In the middle of summer it is important that we pay extreme attention to hair care. At this time of year, dehydration, sun, salt and chlorine in swimming pools are elements that can damage our hair extensively. That’s why today I bring some super simple tips to have a healthy hair at all times.






The most important thing in the summer months is to guarantee the capillary hydration. The sun spoils the hair very much, if it is not well hydrated. The same happens with the summer baths on the beach or the pool. Keep in mind that hair is porous, so it tends to absorb everything that we throw. This includes chlorine and salt. The first advice of hair care, obviously, is to keep the mane hydrated at all times

The hair masks, which provide hydration, are perfect for summer. I usually use natural oils. I already told you about my favorite homemade face mask, coconut oil and honey. Here you can see how I do it and how to apply it. Hair care tips in summerhair care

When we wash our hair, we have to exert the subject of hydration, using specific products and shampoos to help us achieve this. After washing, we can boost the hair fiber with some hair oil. I use one of product which is very cheap and productive for hair



With well hydrated hair we have to bet on the specific hair care if we are going to go to the beach or the pool. The first thing is to get us a sunscreen for hair. If you do not have one of these products, you can wear a mask so your mane does not absorb too much sun

Covering hair with summer hats is a good idea if we are going to spend too much time in the sun.

hair care

summer hats

We have already said that hair absorbs whatever we throw. With this in mind, before bathing (if we are going to wet our hair), it is important that you give him a previous rinse with fresh water. Usually in the pools and beaches we find showers for it. In this way we will avoid that chlorine or salt penetrate massively in the mane.

My recommendation is that if you have dyed or frizzy hair you avoid completely putting your head in pools with chlorine. Salt water pools are now in fashion, which are much safer for the hair. I have suffered from green hair in summer and it is almost impossible to eliminate the greenish reflections of chlorine. If you put your head under the pool because the heat is extreme, remember to rinse your hair right away with fresh water in the shower.

hair care

fresh water in the shower


Another of the tricks of hair care in summer is to avoid heat tools as much as possible. In my case, I avoid using the dryer and only resort to irons or tongs when I need to have perfect hair. Obviously, my hair routine in summer changes a lot, to avoid damaging the hair. Before using irons or curlers remember to use a good heat protector.