curly hair

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I love curlers and whenever I can I do everything I can to be well armed and, above all, to last. And for a perfect curly you do not need to spend a lot of money, with these simple tricks you will notice the difference, and you will love your hair !

Curly hair

is unique.

curly hair



Apply the conditioner correctly

Usually we do not spend much time on the application of the conditioner, without knowing that if we do it strategically, it can make a difference in our hair. In order for your curls to be armed, you have to pass the conditioner all over the hair, from the root to the tips.curly hair


Turn a lock of hair with your finger

This simple trick works, especially if you have applied the conditioner well. Before you dry your hair, grab a lock and twirl it with your finger. So in succession until doing it in all the hair.


Hydrate the tips

Keeping the tips hydrated will help you have a perfect curl. First you have to pass warm water on the tips and then massage with coconut oil.


Use micro fiber towel to dry

Drying your hair with a cotton towel will remove the natural curl that can form. To keep natural loops the best you can do is use a micro fiber towel.


Sleep with hair collected

If you sleep with your hair loose during the night, any trace of curlers will disarm. Before bed you can make a simple pick up without combing. When you wake up you can re-assemble them with water.