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kylie jenner makeup

I am very fan of the kylie jenner makeup  , I must confess. So when I accidentally found Kylie Jenner makeup routine , published by herself, I had no choice but to gossip a little how she does it. If you are like me, you have very little time in the morning to devote to […]


By nature, women have more arched and thinner eyebrows than men, yet we must learn to delineate eyebrows to give the perfect symmetry to your face. Perfect eyebrows are a guarantee of an overwhelming, radiant and splendid look . Here are 8 tips for perfect eyebrows.     1.- Let’s start with the basics: look at your […]

hair care in summer

In the middle of summer it is important that we pay extreme attention to hair care. At this time of year, dehydration, sun, salt and chlorine in swimming pools are elements that can damage our hair extensively. That’s why today I bring some super simple tips to have a healthy hair at all times.   […]

makeup in perfect summer

Today I am inspired by my “friend” (Kim Kardashian) and I bring you a makeup routine in 5 minutes, which I love for the summer. The key is to use few products and not overload the skin. We will not use makeup foundation, so it will be all very light, but we will get to […]


When it comes to choosing the shampoo you are going to use, it is not just taking any bottle. Each type of hair needs a different product and the right shampoo can make a big difference in how your hair looks and feels. It is important that you take more care in the components and […]


It’s official, summer is the time of year we like most women! When the heat begins our closet is renewed and we start to dress with more fun and light clothes, which we feel much better when we are a little burned. But achieving that dark complexion that we like so much means spending long […]