beauty tips to look great

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Discover the best beauty tips and tricks to get an enviable face. Taking care of our skin is the first step to looking beautiful , in addition to the makeup that is used (to a greater or lesser extent) by most of us. However we all have some little trick that we use to enhance our attributes.

These incredible beauty tips are endless, that is why once again in Web of the Beauty we share with you useful and ingenious “tricks” to improve your image:

beauty tips

very white teeth.

A yellow smile negatively affects the image. Combine it by mixing two teaspoons of baking soda , two of sea salt and two of grated lemon skin. Brush your teeth thoroughly with this preparation and let it act for a few minutes. After a few days your teeth will be much cleaner and whiter.


Eyes without swelling.

After a night when you do not rest well, it is normal to get up with puffy eyes. When it happens, prepare a chamomile tea, add ice and soak two cotton disks. Place on the eyelids five minutes.


Look younger.

Shades in soft colors, such as nude , pink and vanilla, rejuvenate the look. Complement them with brown rim and always avoid the black ones. Apply only one layer to avoid the caked effect.


Resistant nails:

If yours are brittle part a clove of garlic in half and every day massages with it. You will notice how they become stronger and more resilient.


Silk hands in three minutes.

To show extra-soft hands, take a little salt and moisten it with a few drops of lemon. Perform a good massage, exfoliating, and rinsing with warm water. Finish with a little moisturizer.


Impeccable feet to look .

When you wear sandals you should not see dryness, so complement your pedicure by mixing clay (you’ll find it in natural products stores) with a few drops of baby oil. Apply on your feet, let dry, then rinse and use specific moisturizer.


Watch your neck.

Most women do not forget this part of our anatomy. It is important to use the same treatments as for the face (cleanser and moisturizer). Similarly, creams should be applied with very gentle vertical movements of the chin towards the chest.


A seductive neckline .

If you are small chest or something fallen, you can use the following trick: Apply to the area of ​​the neck dark dusts with a brush, this will give depth and breasts look bigger

these tips we are sure you will look better than ever. Apply them and tell us how you went!