wardrobe essential

  The wardrobe essential is very important for women garments. Nowadays studies are done for everything and a survey has recently been conducted to find out the garments that make women more attractive. It is a set of garments that, according to science, increase our power of seduction. Heels, red garments, black … classic that show that trends are only fleeting and […]

younger look

Accessories that refresh your look Is it possible to look younger with the right accessories? Of course! Not only does clothing and makeup have that magical function of adding or removing years. many kinds of accessories change your look. It is only a matter of following trends by seeing what kind of accessory can give that youthful air so desired. And the accessories are so important […]

weight loss

Have you ever wondered why weight loss is so difficult? Do you diet, exercise, and lead a life full of sacrifices for months or even years, so that at the first neglect you return to your initial weight? … Clearly this is something very demotivating. So that this does not happen to you, and you […]

hair care in summer

In the middle of summer it is important that we pay extreme attention to hair care. At this time of year, dehydration, sun, salt and chlorine in swimming pools are elements that can damage our hair extensively. That’s why today I bring some super simple tips to have a healthy hair at all times.   […]

makeup in perfect summer

Today I am inspired by my “friend” (Kim Kardashian) and I bring you a makeup routine in 5 minutes, which I love for the summer. The key is to use few products and not overload the skin. We will not use makeup foundation, so it will be all very light, but we will get to […]